etching, lithography, linocut

Druckgrafische Museum Pavillon-Presse in Weimar
© Ralf Herrmann


...The language of etchings. ... Copper! The yellowish red skin hurt by the needle and pressed by the roulette. Holds itself on the paper to a story. Momentarily and yet not.  (diary note 5.9.1993)

Mourners | without edition • aquatinta • 2003

Dance | Edition 15 • Vernis mou • 2003

erstrahlt | ohne Auflage • Radierung • 2003

Alfred Hrdlicka (artist) | without edition • etching • 2003 

Wulf Kirsten (writer) | ( series of Weimar portraits) • lithography • 2004 

Sternrad einer Radierpresse

Alienation ... The plates did not glow in my soul. Could not be heated ‑ the needle stubborn. The pores closed. The workshop strange and new. I stood beside myself and eyed myself curiously in my restlessness. ... It almost seemed to me as if I were bursting apart. With rage.
Where was it? And then I knew I had to go back to the workshop. The next morning. I tensed, and more and more that original force came up, ruptured ‑ declared war on the old and new plates. Beaten black and blue, the image came up! I saw it and the challenge stood. The plates softened. I poured aquatint over them. Etching by feel, I watched the acid bubble, then rubbed it off again. Asphalt down. Rosin down. (diary note Nov. 22, 1993)

Radierung zu Henry Miller Moloch Text Auszug in die Platte graviert und abgedruckt

on Henry Miller "Moloch" • 58x36cm • etching without edition • 2005

Linocuts and stencil prints


Crown Casino Melbourne • 58x36cm • lithography edition of 10 • 1997

House in Melbourne • 58x36cm • lithography edition 10 • 1997

Lygonstreet in Melbourne • 58x36cm • lithography edition 10 • 1997

Horst Arloth Steindrucker aus Weimar beim Schleifen Lithografie

The stone printer Horst Arloth (from the series Weimar portraits) • 58x36cm • lithography • 2004
This lithography was created while in collaboration with the lithographer Horst Arloth. I drew Horst Arloth while grinding a litho stone.